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The CodeSnippits system is free but we do ask that you register to receive the CodeSnippits system. Once registered details of how to download will be sent via email upon completion of the registration form. Additionally you will be notified as new versions of the CodeSnippits system are available. Be sure to review the System Requirements section under the Support navigation to confirm the requirements needed to run the CodeSnippits system.

Are you looking for a more robust Code Snippit system? Try CodeSnippitsPro CodeSnippitsPro extends the power of the CodeSnippits system with support for multiple users, version history, syntax highlighting and coloring, unlimited bookmarks and bookmark folders, integrated Google API search, Full Text indexing and much more. Visit CodeSnippitsPro.com


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CodeSnippitsPro is an easy to use web based application to allow developers to store, manage and share their library code samples, snippits, classes, applications, bookmarks, files and RSS Feeds. From September 1, 2005 - March 31, 2006, We will donate 100% of all revenue received from sales of CodeSnippitsPro to the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.

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The TemplateMailer is an easy to use server control allowing you to parse all of your .NET form fields and email the results using simple to install templates. Supports TEXT and HTML email, autoresponses and multiple log formats including XML and comma delimited formats. No Programming Required. The TemplateMailer also includes the TemplateMailer WebDelivery service allowing you to securely extend the capabilities of the TemplateMailer to virtually all programming languages including ASP, Flash, PHP, Cold Fusion, iHTML PERL and others.
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